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Mendocino Tides & Weather

Local Weather

The weather can range from gentle fog rolling in-and-out over the coastline to brilliant sunshine and clear skies between storms during the winter. It changes all the time of course. Right now, the weather conditions in Mendocino are...

The weather in Fort Bragg and other towns on the coast will usually be very similar. On the other hand, inland Mendocino County cities (such as Ukiah, 33 miles away) may have weather conditions that are significantly different than the coast, often as much as 40°F warmer in the summer. If there are low lying clouds or fog right at the coastline, temperatures may be 10°F cooler than forecast. Layered clothing works well.

Local Tides

A local tide chart is shown immediately below. As initially displayed, the chart indicates current tides in the Point Arena area. The drop-down arrow to the right of the "California, Arena Cove" title will allow you to change the forecast region to other locales along the coast including Fort Bragg and Mendocino.

Tide Scripts at

The time of high tide is shown just above each peak on the chart. Low tide times are just below the valleys. Sunrise and sunset times are printed across the top of the chart. Moonrise and moonset are shown along the chart bottom. Tide heights in feet are indicated at the sides of the chart.

Photo Credit: Clinton Steeds via Flickr